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SCANNER/INTERNET FAX (1) Scan/Special Modes (2) OK Select slow scan mode. (1) Touch the [Slow Scan Mode] key so that it is highlighted. (2) Touch the [OK] key. Program Erase Dual Page Scan 1 4 Timer Suppress Background Mixed Size Original Card Shot Slow Scan Mode 2 Job Build Original Count File Quick File Press the [START] key. Scanning begins. A beep will sound to indicate that scanning is finished. 5 To cancel scanning...Press the [STOP] key ( ) to cancel the operation. • When this function is selected, automatic 2-sided scanning is not possible. • Rotate cannot be used when Mixed Size Original is enabled. To cancel slow scan mode...Touch the [Slow Scan Mode] key in the screen of step 4 so that it is not highlighted. System Settings (Administrator): Original Feeding Mode This is used to have scanning always take place in slow scan mode. 5-91 Contents

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Sharp MX-M314N Manual