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Sony STR-KS370 - A/v Receiver Manual

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7: Calibrating the appropriate settings automatically (AUTO CALIBRATION) This receiver is equipped with DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) Technology which allows you to perform automatic calibration as follows: • Check the connection between each speaker and the receiver. • Adjust the speaker level. • Measure the distance of each speaker from your listening position. • Measure the frequency characteristics.* * The measurement result is not utilized for signals with a sampling frequency of more than 96 kHz. Before you perform Auto Calibration Before you perform the Auto Calibration, set up and connect the speakers (page 15, 18). • The AUTO CAL MIC jack is used for the supplied optimizer microphone only. Do not connect other microphones to this jack. Doing so may damage the receiver and the microphone. • During the calibration, the sound that comes out of the speakers is very loud. The volume of the sound cannot be adjusted. Pay attention to the presence of children or to the effect on your neighborhood. • Perform the Auto Calibration in a quiet environment to avoid the effect of noise and to get a more accurate measurement. • If there are any obstacles in the path between the optimizer microphone and the speakers, the calibration cannot be performed correctly. Remove any obstacles from the measurement area to avoid measurement error. Notes • If the muting function has been activated before you perform Auto Calibration, the muting function will be set to off automatically. • When you use the S-AIR product, disconnect the headphones. Getting Started The DCAC is designed to obtain proper sound balance in your room. However, you can adjust the speaker levels manually according to your preference. For details, see "To adjust the speaker levels" (page 60). continued 25US

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Sony STR-KS370 - A/v Receiver Manual