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Maintenance & Adjustments Adjustments inspecting the snow thrower, disengage the auger control. Stop the engine and remove the key to prevent unintended starting. 6 Auger Control Cable As a result of both the auger control cable and the auger drive belt stretching due to wear, periodic adjustments may be necessary. If the auger seems to hesitate when rotating, proceed as follows: The upper hole in the auger control provides for an adjustment in cable tension. To adjust, disconnect the end of control cable from the bottom hole in the auger handle and reinsert it in the upper hole. Insert the cable from the outside as shown in Fig. 6-2. WARNING! Before servicing, repairing or Shave Plate To check the adjustment of the shave plate, place the machine on a level surface. The wheels, shave plate and auger should all contact the level surface. Note that if the shave plate is adjusted too high, snow may blow under the housing. If the shave plate wears out excessively, or the snow thrower does not self-propel, the shave plate may be too low and needs to be adjusted. NOTE: On new snow throwers or machines with a new shave plate installed, the auger may be slightly off the ground. To adjust the shave plate proceed as follows: 1. 2. 3. Drain the gas from the snow thrower. Pull the starter cord until resistance is felt. Then tip the snow thrower back until it rests on the handles. Loosen the four flange lock nuts and carriage screws which secure the shave plate to the housing. See Fig. 6-1. Move the shave plate to the desired position and retighten the flange lock nuts and carriage screws securely. Control Handle Control Cable Side View Figure 6-2 Carriage Screw Test the snow thrower to see if there is a noticeable difference. If after the adjustment to the auger control cable the auger still hesitates when rotating, see the Service section to replace the belt. Chute Assembly Flange Lock Nut Refer to the Operation section for instructions on adjusting the chute assembly. Maintenance Lubrication Lubricate the pivot points on the control handle and the extension spring at the end of the control cable with a light oil once every season and before the snow thrower is put into storage at the end of the season. Reversible Shave Plate Figure 6-1 4. 5. Tip the snow thrower back to the operating position and pull the starter handle a few times to see if it is difficult to pull. If the starter is difficult to pull, remove the spark plug and pull the handle several times to ensure that any oil trapped in the head is removed. when it is removed and the starter handle is pulled. 6. Inspect the spark plug. If it is wet, clean off any oil before re-installing. Off-Season Storage If the snow thrower will not be used for 30 days or longer, follow the instructions below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Refer to the Engine Operator's manual packed with your snow thrower for information on the storage of the engine. Store the equipment in a clean, dry area. If storing in an unventilated area, rustproof the machine using a light oil or silicone to coat the snow thrower. Clean the exterior of the engine and the snow thrower. Lubricate pivot points on control handle and extension spring at end of control cable with a light oil. CAUTION: Oil may come out of the spark plug hole 13

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Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 Manual