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Viper 3105V Owner Manual

Viper 3105V Manual

Viper 3105V manual table of contents:

  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 1
    ...company behind Viper® Auto Security Systems is Directed. Vista, CA 92081 www.viper.com Since its inception, Directed has had one purpose, to provide...is committed to delivering world class quality products and services that excite and delight our customers. O W N E R' S GUIDE M 3105V O D E L
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 2
    ...help maximize the use of your system and its many features. For more information please visit the below website: http://www.viper.com - For general and additional guide information. For any additional questions please contact your authorized Directed ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 3
    ... and Warning! Safety First sections of this manual prior to operating this system. Your Warranty... of purchase from your dealer indicating the product was installed by an authorized Directed dealer. You can... return the warranty registration card. Replacement remote controls Your system comes with two...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 4
    ...a transmitter...11 Dome light control...12 Silent mode ...12 Panic mode ...13 Valet mode ...13 Nuisance prevention circuitry ...14 Auxiliary ... recognition ...22 Rapid resume logic ...23 Power saver mode ...23 Programming options ...24 Installation options ...27 Security & Convenience Expansions ...28
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 5
    Battery Information ...30 Battery Replacement...30 Battery Disposal ...30 Glossary of Terms...31 Government Regulations ...34
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 6
    1-way remote control Internal antenna Transmit LED Command Buttons Feature Internal Antenna Transmit LED Command buttons (4) Description Used for transmitting information Active when transmitting information Used to perform locking, unlocking, arming and disarmig, ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 7
    Control Center Control button Antenna Status LED The Control Center, typically located on the upper part of the front windshield. It consists of: s
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 8
    Remote control command table Feature Description Lock the doors and arm the vehicle Unlock the doors and disarm the vehicle AUX Activate... Lock and unlock the doors, arm and disarm the vehicle AUX Activate Silent Mode and Auxilairy functions Panic © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved. 5
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 9
    ... custom configured for the user's specific needs by the installer. Arm Press and release . Doors lock... AUX Press and release AUX Silent mode and an optional auxilairy function are controlled by... _____. Panic Press and hold The panic feature is controlled by pressing this button for two seconds. ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 10
    ... see the status LED flashing in groups, refer to the Diagnostics section of this guide. This extra chirp is called Bypass Notifification. Passive ... forced passive arming is programmed on. See Programming Options section of this guide.) Additionally, if a door, hood or trunk is triggered during ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 11
    When the system is armed: s
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 12
    ... to select which of the security system's inputs or sensors are active, or are bypassed when the system is armed. (See the Table of Zones section of this guide) Press one time to arm the system, siren chirps one time. Pressing again activates Multi-Level Security Arming. is pressed consecutively, a ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 13
    ... the door triggers and the Failsafe® Starter Kill (if installed) will not activate. The security system disarms automatically when ... feature, arming with the transmitter activates the VRS feature. (See VRS section of this guide.) Disarming To disarm the system, press . You will hear two chirps, and...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 14
    .... Disarming without a transmitter This feature allows you to disarm the security system without the remote transmitter should ... without a remote transmitter, you must have the vehicle's ignition key and know where the Valet button is located. Be sure to check with the installer for the location and ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 15
    ...responds to one to five pulses of the Valet button when disarming. Check with your installer to discuss how you... the system should be placed into Valet Mode until a remote is available. Dome light.... (may be programed to On or Off, by the dealer installer) Silent mode To temporarily turn off the arm...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 16
    .... This is very useful when washing the vehicle or having it serviced. In Valet Mode, the security system will not arm, even with the remote transmitter, but all ...and goes out if you are exiting Valet Mode. To enter or exit Valet Mode with the remote: Open any vehicle door, and...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 17
    ... thunder, jackhammers, or airport noise. For example, if the alarm triggers three times within a 60- ... each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, NPC will interpret those triggers as false .... Doors are covered by NPC differently - if the alarm is triggered by an open door for three full ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 18
    ...This system also supplies outputs that can control convenience options such as remote control trunk release and window automation. Consult your ... system. Channel 2 Trunk release: When connected, pressing AUX for 1.5 seconds will remotely release the vehicle trunk lid. Channel 3 auxiliary output: When...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 19
    ...¬cation does not occur when using Silent Mode or if chirps have been programmed OFF...has bypassed that zone (see NPC section of this guide). The in-vehicle status LED indicates which zone was involved. (See Table of Zones section of this guide.) The system retains this information in its memory, and ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 20
    ...with spaces to write in any optional sensors or switches you have had installed. Warn away responses are not reported in the table of zones. ... Optional sensor inputs for Warn away and full alarm notification. Ignition trigger Dealer installed options 3 4 5 © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved. 17
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 21
    ...Vehicle recovery system (VRS) The optional VRS® feature is designed to ensure that any unauthorized user ...(even if using your keys and remote control) will not be able to permanently separate ...system, the Failsafe® Starter Kill, and the VRS feature to provide the best combination of personal safety ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 22
    ...engine - it can only prevent an engine from starting in the first place. Important! Any installation that allows this product to shut down a vehicle's engine when it is ... the vehicle if someone takes your keys and remote transmitter by force in a parking lot. If the VRS system...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 23
    ...flashing parking lights and the siren will stop. The starter kill will remain active until the system is disarmed. If the door is opened or the ignition is turned off and on in an attempt to restart the car, the siren and light flashing will begin again. 20 © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved.
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 24
    ... the triggered sequence disarm procedure. Note: The unit responds to 1 to 5 valet button presses to disarm the VRS (factory setting is 1 press). Check with your installer to determine the setting you want. © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved. 21
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 25
    ...system. To re-sync the remote control simply press several times within range of the vehicle. The alarm will automatically re-sync and respond to the transmitters... specific needs. It is almost like having four separate alarms in your vehicle, one for each user. Owner Recognition...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 26
    ... means if the unit is in Valet Mode and the battery is disconnected for any reason, such as servicing the car, when the battery is reconnected the unit will still be in Valet Mode. This applies to all ... arm, disarm, VRS, and Valet Mode. Power saver mode Your system will automatically enter ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 27
    Programming options Programming options control what your system does during normal operation, and require few or no additional parts. However, some may require additional installation labor. The following is a list of the program settings, with the factory settings in Bold: s
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 28
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 29
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 30
    Installation options The system has many options that may require extra parts and labor. Some of the possibilities are listed here. s
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 31
    ... was struck. Backup Battery: The 520T keeps the system armed, triggers the alarm and keeps the starter kill active if main battery power is disconnected. Field Disturbance Sensor: An invisible dome of coverage is established by installing the 508D "radar" sensor. Your security system can then react...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 32
    ...your system to protect your car when its parked. An alarm is triggered if the vehicle is lifted, to protect expensive rims. Remote Start System: For the ...in convenience, A Directed remote start system can start your vehicle, monitor engine functions, and power your climate control...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 33
    Battery Information The remote controls are powered by a pair of 3V (CR-2016) batteries that can be... screwdriver, insert into slot located on the side of the remote control and carefully pry open the... requirements for battery disposal or return to Directed at: One Viper way, Vista, CA 92081 (Shipping ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 34
    ... used to override (disarm) the system when a remote is not available or to enter/exit valet mode The "brain" of your system. Usually ... prevented from cranking when the system is disarmed, in Valet mode - or if the starter interrupt switch fails. Installation may require additional labor. A physical ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 35
    ...Terminology Warn Away® Lighter impacts to the vehicle generate a Warning Zone response, several seconds of siren chirps and parking light flashes. Input that the alarm recognizes as unique. Each input is connected to a particular zone. Two or more inputs may share the same zone. Zone 32 © 2012...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 36
    ...,591; 5,650,774; 5,673,017; 5,712,638; 5,872,519; 5,914,667; 5,952,933; 5,945,936; 5,990,786; 6,028,505; 6,452,484 Remote Start 5,349,931; 5,872,519; 5,914,667; 5,952,933; 5,945,936; 5,990,786; 6,028,372; 6,467,448; 6,561,151; 7,191,053; ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 37
    ... designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 38
    ...on a no-interference, no-protection basis; in other words, this device must not be used if it is determined that it causes harmful interference to services authorized by IC. In addition, the user of this device must accept any radio interference that may be received, even if this interference could ...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 39
    ... purchased from an authorized Directed dealer, the unit was professionally installed and serviced by an authorized Directed dealer; the unit will be profession¬... unit has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, improper service, installation or other causes not arising out of defects in...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 40
    ... rights that vary from State to State. This warranty is only valid for sale of product(s) within the United States of America and in Canada.... relating to warranty information of Directed products, please visit the support section of Directed's website at: www.directed.com. This product may be covered...
  • Viper 3105V | Owner Manual - Page 41
    38 © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved.

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