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Overall Controls Various controls related to the overall operation of the PortaTone are contained in the Reverb/Others menu. These include the Reverb Type parameter as well as the following overall parameters: Transpose, Tuning, Voice Set, Touch Sensitivity, Guide Lamp (PSR-230 only), and Metronome. Reverb/Others Sub Menu First, use the MAIN MENU buttons to select the Reverb/Others menu, and select the desired Sub Menu parameter with the SUB MENU buttons. Then, use the numeric keypad or +/- buttons to change the setting. NAME / SUB MENU MAIN MENU MAIN MENU MODE CART Hall1 VOICE 2 SONG 3 EASY CHORD MEM 4 1 SPLIT FINGERING DUAL CHORUS B MAIN VOICE DUAL VOICE SPLIT VOICE STYLE ONE TOUCH SETTING KEYBOARD SONG EFFECT TOUCH A STYLE SONG HARMONY/ECHO REPEAT MINUS ONE GUIDE HARMONY REVERB STYLE EASY CHORD MEMORY STYLE SECTION SYNC STOP LARGE/SMALL TEMPO 6 5aug dim minMaj 7 sus4 A B MIDI VOLUME JAM REVERB/OTHERS Parameter Name Reverb Type Name Display Name - 1-9 Range Description This determines the type of Reverb effect. The Reverb types are (1) Hall 1, (2) Hall 2, (3) Room 1, (4) Room 2, (5) Plate 1, (6) Plate 2, (7) Delay 1, (8) Delay 2, and (9) No Effect. This determines the overall pitch of the instrument, up or down in semitone increments. This determines the overall fine pitch setting of the instrument. This determines whether the Voice Set feature is on or off. When Voice Set is on (default), selecting a Panel Voice in the Main Voice menu automatically sets the Voice-related parameters to values that best match the selected Voice. (Voice Set includes all parameters for the Main, Dual, and Split Voices - with the exception of Split Points 1 and 2 - as well as all Harmony/Echo parameters.) This determines the degree of touch sensitivity for the keyboard (when Touch Response is on). (See page 18.) Higher values result in a wider dynamic range and give you more expressive control over the level of the Voices. The default Touch Sensitivity setting is 5. This turns the keyboard guide lamps on or off. Red lamps correspond to the white keys and green lamps to the black keys. (See page 30.) This turns the metronome function on or off. When set to on, the metronome sounds during Auto Accompaniment and Song playback. Transpose Tuning Voice Set Transpos -12 - +12 semitones (+/- 1 octave) -50 - +50 cents (+/approx. 1 semitone) on/off Tuning VoiceSet Touch Sensitivity TouchSns 0-9 Guide Lamp (PSR230 only) Metronome Lamp on/off Metronom on/off NOTE • Reset to default settings To reset the selected parameter to its default settings, simultaneously press the +/- buttons. • Negative values To directly enter negative values (for Transpose and Tuning parameters), press the desired number button while holding down the - button. • The following settings are retained in memory when power is turned off, as long as batteries are installed or an AC adaptor is connected: Tuning, Voice Set, Touch Sensitivity, Guide Lamp (PSR-230 only), and Metronome. • Transpose cannot be changed during Accompaniment or Song playback, or when the keyboard is being played. 19

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Yamaha PSR-220 Manual