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Canon PIXMA MG3222 Manual

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    PIXMA MG3200 Setup Guide series © CANON INC. 2012
  • Canon PIXMA MG3222 | Setup Guide - Page 2
    Setup Guide This guide provides information for setting up a network connection for the printer. Network Connection Wireless Connection Preparation for Connection Printer Setup Connection Using WPS Troubleshooting
  • Canon PIXMA MG3222 | Setup Guide - Page 3
    ... details, refer to the manual of your network device or contact its manufacturer. • Check if your device supports IEEE802.11n, 802.11g or 802.11b. ...a direct connection to the computer over a wireless connection without an access point, is not supported. Be sure to prepare an access...
  • Canon PIXMA MG3222 | Setup Guide - Page 4
    ... point within 2 minutes. For details on pressing the WPS button, refer to the access point manual. The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp on the printer flashes while searching for or connecting to the access point. 3. When wireless connection is complete, the LED lights up ...
  • Canon PIXMA MG3222 | Setup Guide - Page 5
    Troubleshooting WPS  E>2>1 The error appears when wireless connection setup was not completed within 2 minutes after pressing the WPS... again. For details on how to check the settings of the access point, refer to the manual supplied with the access point or contact its manufacturer.  To confi...

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Canon PIXMA MG3222 Manual