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Craftsman 35182 - 18 in. 40 CC 2 Cycle Gas Chain Saw Manual

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ARRESTING SCREEN: Your This unit isnot equipped with ananti- SPARK vibration system and isintended for saw isequipped with atemperature occasional use only. limiting muffler and spark arresting SAFETY NOTICE: Exposure tovibra- screen which meets therequirements Codes 4442 and 4443. tions through prolonged use ofgasoline ofCalifornia forest land and the states of powered hand tools could cause blood AllU.S. Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, vessel ornerve damage inthe fingers, California, hands, and joints ofpeople prone to New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington circulation disorders orabnormal swell- require bylaw that many internal comings. Prolonged use incold weather has bustion engines tobeequipped with a been linked toblood vessel damage in spark arresting screen. Ifyou operate saw inastate orlocale where otherwise healthy people. Ifsymptoms achain occur such asnumbness, pain, loss of such regulations exist, you arelegally strength, change inskin color ortexture, responsible formaintaining the operatorloss offeeling inthe fingers, hands, or ing condition ofthese parts. Failure to dosoisaviolation ofthelaw. Refer to joints, discontinue the use ofthis tool and seek medical attention. Ananti-vi- theCustomer Responsibilities chart in section. bration system does not guarantee the theMAINTENANCE avoidance ofthese problems. Users The engine exhaust who operate power tools onacontinual m_WARNIN_I: and regular basis must monitor closely from this product contains chemicals tothe State ofCalifornia to their physical condition and the conditionknown ofthis tool. cause cancer, birth defects orother reCHAIN BRAKE: Ifthis saw istobe productive harm. This chain saw islisted used forcommercial logging, achain STANDARDS: brake isrequired and shall not bere- byUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. inacmoved orotherwise disabled tocom- cordance with American National Stanfor Gasoline-Powered Chain ply with Federal OSHA Regulations for dards Commercial Logging. Saws Safety Requirements (ANSI B175.1-2000). _WARNIN_I:Before using chain saw, ensure allfasteners are secure. CARTON CONTENTS Check carton contents against the following list. Model 358,351820 • Chain saw (fully assembled) • Chain adjustment tool (bar tool) • 2-cycle engine oil Examine parts fordamage. Do not use damaged parts. Ifyou need assistance orfind that parts aremissing ordamaged, please call 1-800-235-5878. NOTE: Itisnormal tohear the fuel filter rattle inanempty fuel tank. Your unit has been factory tested and the carburetor precisely adjusted. Asa result you may smell gasoline orfind a drop ofoil/fuel residue onthe muffler when you unpack the unit. ASSEMBLY Your saw isfully assembled; no assembly isnecessary.

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Craftsman 35182 - 18 in. 40 CC 2 Cycle Gas Chain Saw Manual