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The password assignment is not case-sensitive. To erase a character, press or the left-arrow key. When you verify the password, the Setup Password changes to Enabled. The next time you enter the System Setup program, the system prompts you for the setup password. A change to the Setup Password option becomes effective immediately (restarting the system is not required). Operating With a Setup Password Enabled If Setup Password is Enabled, you must enter the correct setup password before modifying most of the System Setup options. If you do not enter the correct password in three attempts, the system lets you view, but not modify, the System Setup screens. The following options are exceptions: If System Password is not Enabled and is not locked through the Password Status option, you can assign a system password. You cannot disable or change an existing system password. NOTE: You can use the Password Status option in conjunction with the Setup Password option to protect the system password from unauthorized changes. Deleting or Changing an Existing Setup Password 1 Enter the System Setup program and select the System Security. 2 Highlight Setup Password, press to access the setup password window. Press twice to clear the existing setup password. The setting changes to Not Enabled. 3 If you want to assign a new setup password, perform the steps in "Assigning a Setup Password." iDRAC Configuration Utility The iDRAC Configuration Utility is a pre-boot configuration environment that allows you to view and set parameters for the iDRAC6 and for the managed server. The iDRAC Configuration Utility enables you to: • • Configure, enable, or disable the iDRAC6 local area network through the dedicated iDRAC6 Enterprise card port or the embedded NICs. Enable or disable IPMI over LAN. Using the System Setup Program and UEFI Boot Manager 73

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Dell PowerEdge R710 Manual