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Pump Assembly The pump assembly is driven by a synchronous motor. The motor drives a pump which supplies 100 percent filtered water Product Specifications Water Supply Suggested minimum incoming water temperature ...120°F (49°C) Pressure (PSI) min./max...20/120 Connection (NPT) ...3/8" Consumption (Normal Cycle) ...5.8-6.0 U.S. gal Water valve flow rate (U.S. GPM) ...0.9 Water recirculation rate (U.S. GPM) ...approx. 5.28 Water fill time ...43 sec. The drain hose must have a loop at a minimum Electrical height of 32 inches in order to insure proper Rating ...120 Volts, 60Hz drainage. Separate Circuit..15 amp min.- 20 amp max. Motor (Amps) ...1 amp Draining is accomplished by using a small Heater Wattage ...475 - 630W separate synchronous drain pump mounted to Total Amps (load rated) ...8.7 the side of the sump. The drain pump is TempAssure ...135°F ±5°F (60°C±3°C) [with outer door in place] connected to the main pump by a small rubber TempBoost ...140°F ±5°F hose. The drain check valve is located at the Heated Wash/Heated Rinse discharge end of the drain pump. The drain hose Hi-Limit Thermostat ...200°F (93°C) is attached by a clamp to the discharge end of the drain pump. Trouble Shooting Tips Personal Injury Hazard Always disconnect the dishwasher from the electrical power source before adjusting or replacing components. Symptom Dishwasher will not operate when turned on. Check the Following 1. Fuse (blown or tripped). 2. 120 VAC supply wiring connection faulty. 3. Electronic control board defective. 4. No 12 VAC power to control. 5. Motor (inoperative). 6. Door switch (open contacts). 7. Door latch not making contact with door switch. 8. Touch pad circuit defective. 9. No indicator lamps illuminate when START or OPTIONS are pressed. Remedy 1. Replace fuse or reset breaker. 2. Repair or replace wire fasteners at dishwasher junction box. 3. Replace control board. 4. Replace control board. 5. Replace motor/impeller assembly. 6. Replace latch assembly. 7. Replace latch assembly. 8. Replace console assembly. 9. Replace console assembly. Heater Refer to the cycle chart on the reverse side to Voltage checks of the heater should be made in determine when the heater is on during the the dry portion of the service test mode. wash cycle. The heater cycles ON and OFF for brief periods during the drying cycle. Standard Dry Air Flow The heated, moist air leaving the dishwasher through the lower vent causes drier air to be drawn into the unit by way of intake vents located at the side of the tub. The water on the dishes is evaporated into drier air and the venting process continues. The heating element is turned ON and OFF during the entire drying cycle. Motor hums but will not start or run. 1. Motor (bad bearings). 2. Motor stuck due to prolonged non-use. 1. Replace motor assembly. 2. Rotate motor impeller. Motor trips out on internal thermal overload protector. 1. Improper voltage. 2. Motor windings shorted. 3. Glass or foreign items in pump. 1. Check voltage. 2. Replace motor/impeller assembly. 3. Clean and clear blockage. Dishwasher runs but will not heat. Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser The detergent and rinse aid dispenser is a one piece component consisting of a molded detergent cup and a built-in rinse aid dispenser. The detergent cup has a spring loaded cover and the rinse aid dispenser has a removable cover. Liquid rinse aid is added to the dispenser up to the fill line indicator. The amount of rinse aid released can be adjusted by turning the arrow indicator from one, being the least amount, to four, being the greatest amount. To replace dispenser shut off electricity to dishwasher, remove outer door panel assembly, disconnect wiring to the actuator, remove the six screws, remove the dispenser, replace and reinstall screws, rewire actuator. Detergent cover will not latch or open. 1. 2. 3. 4. Heater element (open). Electronic control board defective. Wiring or terminal defective. Hi-Limit thermostat defective. 1. 2. 3. 4. Replace heater element. Replace control board. Repair or replace. Replace thermostat. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Latch mechanism defective. Electronic control board defective. Wiring or terminal defective. Broken spring(s). Defective actuator. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Replace dispenser. Replace control board. Repair or replace. Replace dispenser. Replace dispenser. Dishwasher will not pump out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Drain restricted. Electronic control board defective. Defective drain pump. Blocked impeller. Open windings. Wiring or terminal defective. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Clear restrictions. Replace control board. Replace pump. Check for blockage, clear. Replace pump assembly. Repair or replace. Dishwasher will not fill with water. 1. Water supply turned off. 2. Defective water inlet fill valve. 3. Check fill valve screen for obstructions. 4. Defective float switch. 5. Electronic control board defective. 6. Wiring or terminal defective. 7. Pressure Switch Stuck. 1. Turn water supply on. 2. Replace water inlet fill valve. 3. Disassemble and clean screen. 4. 5. 6. 7. Repair or replace. Replace control board. Repair or replace. Repair or replace. Dishwasher water siphons out. 1. Drain hose (high) loop too low. 2. Drain line connected to a floor drain not vented. 1. Repair to proper 32-inch minimum height. 2. Install air gap at counter top. Detergent left in dispenser. 1. Detergent allowed to stand too long in dispenser. 2. Dispenser wet when detergent was added. 3. Detergent cover held closed or blocked by large dishes. 4. Improper incoming water temperature to properly dissolve detergent. 5. See "Detergent cover will not open." 1. Instruct customer/user. 2. Instruct customer/user. 3. Instruct customer/user on proper loading of dishes. 4. Incoming water temperature of 120°F is required to properly dissolve dishwashing detergents. 020905

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Frigidaire FPHD2491KF Manual