Honeywell CT62B Owner's Manual

Honeywell CT62B Manual

Honeywell CT62B manual table of contents:

  • Honeywell CT62B | Owner's Manual - Page 1
    ... Voltage Electric Heat Thermostats Installation Instructions CT62A provides single-line break. CT62B ... Thermostat Your new Honeywell CT62 Electric Heating Thermostat provides line voltage control of a ... suitability for your home's system by reviewing the ratings listed above. Make certain that your ...
  • Honeywell CT62B | Owner's Manual - Page 2
    ... fingers, and pulling outward. Connect wires to the thermostat as shown in the applicable wiring diagram. Push the... 70 1 CT62B CT62A L1 (HOT) 1 L2 85 3 L2 2 4 L1 4 L1 T2 3 TO ELECTRIC HEATER... RISE. MAKES ON TEMPERATURE FALL. 2 3 4 CAUTION: SPECIAL SERVICE CO/ALR SOLDERLESS CONNECTORS MUST ...
  • Honeywell CT62B | Owner's Manual - Page 3
    ... TROUBLESHOOTING Your Honeywell thermostat requires little or no attention. Most problems can ...: Symptom No heat. Checkout Make sure power is on at main service panel. Turn..., record the temperature difference and recalibrate as instructed in the Recalibration Procedure section. Recalibration Procedure...
  • Honeywell CT62B | Owner's Manual - Page 4
    ... defects in the workmanship or materials, under normal use and service, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer. ..., at any time during the warranty period, the product is defective or malfunctions, Honeywell shall repair or replace it (at Honeywell's option) within a ...

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Honeywell CT62B Manual