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Honeywell VISTA 15P - Ademco 6 Zone Control Panel Manual

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Event Logging Procedures (cont'd) Code 143 145 146 150 162 301 302 305 309 321 333 341 344 351 353 373 374 380 381 382 383 384 393 Definition Alarm, Expansion Module ECP Module cover tamper Silent Burglary Alarm, 24-Hour Auxiliary/Monitor zone Carbon Monoxide AC Power Low System Battery/Battery Test Fail System Reset (Log only) Battery Test Failure Bell/Siren Trouble Trouble, Expansion Mod. Supervision Trouble, ECP Cover Tamper RF Receiver Jam Telco Line Fault Long Range Radio Trouble Fire Loop Trouble Exit Error Alarm Global Trouble, Trouble Day/Night RF Supervision Trouble Supervision Auxiliary Wire Zone RF Sensor Tamper RF Sensor Low-battery Clean Me 442 459 570 601 602 606 607 623 625 627 628 642 750 -789 408 409 441 403 406 407 Code 401 Definition Disarmed, Armed AWAY, Armed STAY Schedule Arm/Disarm AWAY Cancel by User Remote Arm/Disarm (Downloading) Quick Arm AWAY Keyswitch Arm/Disarm AWAY Disarmed/Armed STAY/INSTANT, Quick-Arm STAY/INSTANT Keyswitch Arm/Disarm STAY Recent Closing Bypass Manually Triggered Dialer Test Periodic Test AAV to Follow Walk Test Entered/Exited Event Log 80% Full Real-Time Clock was Changed (log only) Program Mode Entry (log only) Program Mode Exit (log only) Latch Key (log only) Reserved for Configurable Zone Type report codes (check with central station when using these codes) NOTE: Ask your installer to explain the meaning of any code you do not understand. - 40 - National Security Systems Inc (800) 457-1999

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Honeywell VISTA 15P - Ademco 6 Zone Control Panel Manual