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Menu item Run Initial setup Yes No Description Instructs the printer to run the setup wizard Notes: • Yes is the factory default setting. • After completing the setup wizard by selecting Done at the Country select screen, the default becomes No. Notes: Paper Sizes US Metric • Initial setting is determined by your Country selection in the initial setup wizard. • Changing this setting also changes the Units of Measurement setting in the Universal Setup menu and the default for each input source in the Paper Size/Paper Type menu. Output Lighting Normal/Standby Mode Sets the amount of light from an optional output bin Notes: • Bright • Dim • Off Power Saver • In Normal/Standby Mode, the factory default is Bright. • In Power Saver Mode, the factory default is Dim. • Bright • Dim • Off Alarms Alarm Control Cartridge Alarm Staple Alarm Sets an alarm to sound when the printer requires operator intervention Available selections for each alarm type are: Off Single Continuous Notes: • Single is the factory default setting for Alarm Control. Single sounds three quick beeps. • Off is the factory default setting for Cartridge Alarm and Staple Alarm. Off means no alarm will sound. • Continuous repeats three beeps every 10 seconds. • Staple Alarm is available only when the finisher is installed. Timeouts Job Hold Timeout 5-255 sec Sets the amount of time the printer waits for user intervention before it holds jobs that require unavailable resources and continues to print other jobs in the print queue Notes: • 30 seconds is the factory default setting. • This menu item only appears when a printer hard disk is installed. Understanding printer menus 127

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Lexmark T650 Manual