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Polaroid TLX 01511C - 15.4" LCD TV Manual

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Chapter 2 Installing the LCD TV Press the button on the remote to turn on the LCD TV. Press the Input button on the remote to display the Input List. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select TV and press the OK button. Input Source TV(CABLE/AIR) VIDEO1 (AV) VIDEO2 (S-VIDEO) VIDEO3 (YPbPr) VIDEO4 (HDMI) COMPUTER(VGA) Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the Main menu, and use the ◄► buttons to select the TV. Channel Scan Tuner Mode Channel Skip Favorite List Time Zone Cable Eastern Time TV Select Exit Press the ▼ button to select Channel Scan, and press the OK button. The Channel Scan automatically creates a list of receivable channels. Press the MENU button at any time to interrupt the memorization process.(the list cannot be created if interrupted) Status: Scanning...Analog Channels: 25 Digital Channels: 0 Cable 47% The Channel Scanning will create a list of receivable channels for the current input (antenna or cable). You will be required to run Channel Scanning for each RF input to create a list of available channels from both inputs. Press the OK button to display the received channel list, then press ▲▼ to select a channel. Or, use the ▪ with 0-9 buttons to select digital channel( for example 9.1) Channel List 7-1 KABC-DT 9-1 KQED-HD 9-2 KOED-SD 8 CCT 12 13 15 The digital main channel might include many subchannels (for example 9-1, 92..) that are showing program at the same time. 18

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Polaroid TLX 01511C - 15.4" LCD TV Manual