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Sony CDX-GT360MP Manual

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 EQ3 (equalizer) button page 11 To select an equalizer type (XPLOD, VOCAL, EDGE, CRUISE, SPACE, GRAVITY, CUSTOM or OFF).  Control dial/select button To adjust volume (rotate); select setup items (press and rotate).  Disc slot Insert the disc (label side up), playback starts.  Display window  AUX input jack page 13   (eject) button To eject the disc.  MODE button*1 page 8 To select the radio band (FM/AM).  Front panel release button page 5  PTY/CAT*2 button (CDX-GT360MP) page 9, 13 To select PTY in RDS. PTY button (CDX-GT260MP) page 9 To select PTY in RDS.  Number buttons Radio: To receive stored stations (press); store stations (press and hold). CD ALBUM / (during MP3/ WMA playback) To skip albums (press); skip albums continuously (press and hold REP*3 page 10 : SHUF page 10 : PAUSE To pause playback. To cancel, press again.  DSPL (display)/SCRL (scroll) button page 9, 10, 14 To change display items (press); scroll the display item (press and hold).  Receptor for the remote commander  OFF button To turn off; stop the source.  SOURCE button*1 To turn on the power; change the source (Radio/CD/AUX buttons To control radio/CD, the same as on the unit. Setup, sound setting, etc., can be operated by ENTER button To apply a setting.  PTY button  VOL (volume) +*3/- button  ATT (attenuate) button To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press again.  SOUND/MENU button To enter sound setting (press); enter menu (press and hold).  DSPL (display) button buttons To control CD, the same as ALBUM /) on the unit. Setup, sound setting, etc., can be operated by SCRL (scroll) button  Number buttons To receive stored stations (press); store stations (press and hold). *1 If a SiriusXM tuner is connected: when is pressed, the connected device ("SIRIUSXM") will appear on the display. Furthermore, if is pressed, you can switch the SiriusXM tuner band (CDX-GT360MP only). *2 When the SiriusXM tuner is connected. *3 This button has a tactile dot. 7

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Sony CDX-GT360MP Manual