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Sony MDR-RF950RK - Wireless Headphone Manual

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MDR-RF950RK SERVICE MANUAL Ver 1.0 1998. 06 US Model Canadian Model MDR-RF950 TMR-RF950R MDR-RF950RK is composed of the following models. As for the service manual, it is issued for each component model, then, please refer to it. Headphones Transmitter MDR-RF950 TMR-RF950R SPECIFICATIONS General Carrier frequency Channel Modulation Frequency response Headphones Power source Mass Transmitter RF power Power source Audio input Dimensions Mass 913.0 - 915.0 MHz Ch1, Ch2, Ch3 FM stereo 18 - 22,000 Hz DC3V: 2 × R6 (size AA) battery or 2 × supplied NC-AA-HJ Ni-Cd rechargeable battery Approx. 265 g (9.4 oz.) incl. Ni-Cd batteries ACCESSORIES & PACKING MATERIALS Ref. No. ! ! Part No. 1-465-948-21 1-506-652-11 1-528-803-41 1-575-195-11 3-864-034-11 Description ADAPTOR, AC (AC-S901) ADAPTOR, PLUG BATTERY, NICKEL CADMIUM CORD, CONNECTION MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (ENGLISH, SPANISH) (US) 3-864-034-21 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (ENGLISH,FRENCH) (Canadian) Less than 94 dBµV/m at 3 m DC9 V: supplied AC power adaptor phono jacks/stereo mini jack Approx. 120 mm dia × 290 mm (43/4 × 111/2 in.) (w/h) Approx. 155 g (5.5 oz.) The components identified by mark ! or dotted line with mark ! are critical for safety. Replace only with part number specified. Les composants identifiés par une marque ! sont critiques pour la sécurité. Ne les remplacer que par une pièce portant le numéro spécifié. Supplied Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries Model name NC-AA (HJ) Voltage 1.2 V Capacity 600 mAh Battery life Battery Sony alkaline battery SG (LR6) Sony battery SR (R6P) * at 1 kHz, 1 mW + 1 mW output Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Approx. hours* 60 30 WIRELESS STEREO HEADPHONE SYSTEM MICROFILM Sony Corporation 9-924-926-11 Personal A&V Products Company 98F057022-1 Printed in Singapore © 1998. 6 Published by Quality Engineering Dept. (Shibaura)

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Sony MDR-RF950RK - Wireless Headphone Manual