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TD-W8901G 54M Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router User Guide The Router will work as a DHCP Server; it becomes the default gateway for DHCP client connected to it. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. The DHCP Server gives out IP addresses when a device is booting up and request an IP address to be logged on to the network. That device must be set as a DHCP client to obtain the IP address automatically. By default, the DHCP Server is enabled. The DHCP address pool contains the range of the IP address that will automatically be assigned to the clients on the network. Figure 4-12 • Starting IP Address: Enter the starting IP address for the DHCP server's IP assignment. Because the default IP address for the Router is, the default Start IP Address is, and the Start IP Address must be or greater, but smaller than • • IP Pool Count: The max user pool size. Lease Time: The length of time for the IP lease. After the dynamic IP address has expired, the user will be automatically assigned a new dynamic IP address. The default is 259200 seconds. DHCP Table: The information of the DHCP clients will be displayed here Hostname: Display the name of the DHCP client. IP Address: Display the IP Address of the DHCP client. MAC Address: Display the MAC Address of the DHCP client. Status: Display the status of the assigned IP Address, either Static or Auto. Static indicates that the IP Address is bounded to the MAC Address, while Auto indicates that the IP Address is assigned to the MAC Address automatically. How to assign a static IP address to the client? 26

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TP-Link TD-W8901G - Wireless Router Manual