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Acer AOD270 Manual

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CPU Fan True Value Table (AC/DC Mode) Temperature (°C) Fan on = 40°C; Fan Off = 35°C Fan on = 55°C; Fan Off = 50°C Fan on = 65°C; Fan Off = 60°C Fan on = 75°C; Fan Off = 70°C Fan on = 90°C; Fan Off = 85°C    Fan Speed (RPM) 3800 4200 4500 5000 95% Duty SPL Spec (dBA) 26 29 31 34 N/A Throttling 50%: On =93°C; Off=88°C OS Shut down: 96°C H/W Shut down: 100°C System Memory Item Memory controller Memory size DIMM socket number Supports memory size per socket Supports maximum memory size Supports DIMM type Built in at CPU DDRIII 800/1066 2 GB (N2600 series), 4 GB (N2800 series) 2 socket 2 GB for N2600 series, 4GB for N2800 series 2 GB for N2600 series, 4GB for N2800 series  SDRAM memory interface design Note: Processor supports up to 800 MHz for N2600 series, 1066 MHz for N2800 series Specification Supports DIMM Speed Support DIMM voltage Supports DIMM package Memory Combinations Slot 1 (MB) 1024 2048 800/1066 SODIMM Standard JEDEC 1.5V Standard JEDEC 204-pin Slot 2 (MB) N/A N/A Total Memory (MB) 1024 2048 1-26 Hardware Specifications and Configurations

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Acer AOD270 Manual