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Jabra EXTREME User manual

Jabra EXTREME Manual

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Jabra EXTREME manual table of contents:

  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 1
    Jabra® EXTREME j a b ra USER MANUAL
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 2
    Contents Thank you 2 abouT your Jabra EXTrEME 2 WhaT your hEadsET doEs 3 GETTInG sTarTEd 4 CharGE ...6 WhaT ThE lIGhTs MEan 8 lIsTEnInG To MusIC usInG ThE Jabra EXTrEME 9 usInG EXTrEME WITh TWo MobIlE PhonEs 9 ... MorE hElP 11 TakInG CarE of your hEadsET 11 Glossary 11 Jabra EXTrEME 1 english
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 3
    thank you about your Jabra eXtreMe A Answer/end button B On/off button C LED light .../volume down F Microphones G Earhook H Eargels D C B A jabra E j a b ra G F H Jabra EXTrEME 2 english Thank you for purchasing the Jabra EXTrEME Bluetooth® wireless technology headset . We hope you enjoy it!...
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 4
    What your headset does Your Jabra EXTREME lets you do all this: - answer calls - End calls -...Weight: 10 grams (0 .35 oz) - noise blackout™ Extreme with dual microphones - digital sound enhancement via dsP... operating range up to 10 meters (approx . 33 feet) * Phone dependent Jabra EXTrEME 3 english
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 5
    ...on your mobile phone (refer to the manual for your Mobile phone) 3. Pair your headset to your mobile phone The Jabra EXTrEME is easy to operate . The ... We therefore recommend that you recharge your device at least once a month . Jabra EXTrEME 4 english 1. Charge your headset
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 6
    ... passkey or PIn = 0000 (4 zeros) . your phone will confirm when pairing is complete . EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME In case of unsuccessful pairing, put the Jabra EXTrEME into pairing mode manually . Make sure the headset is on . Press and hold the answer/end button for ...
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 7
    WearInG style The Jabra EXTrEME is ready to be worn with or without the ear hook . The ear hook ...comfort . for optimal performance, wear the Jabra EXTrEME and your mobile phone on the same side... of your phone for more information about using this feature . * Phone dependent Jabra EXTrEME 6 english...
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 8
    ... 2 yellow flashes 2 red flashes Battery level/Talk time 1-5½ hours talk time 10 min .-1 hour 10 min . * Phone dependent Jabra EXTrEME 7 english Redial last number* - double tap the answer/end button when the headset is on and not used .
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 9
    ... every seconds: Connected in a2dP streaming music (only for 30 seconds then off ) In pairing mode special music pairing mode see chapter ... light solid blue light solid purple light solid green light solid yellow light solid red light Jabra EXTrEME 8 english What you see Battery level/Talk time
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 10
    lIstenInG to MusIC usInG the Jabra eXtreMe Jabra EXTrEME is capable of streaming music over Bluetooth® - either from a mobile phone or...am having pairing problems - you may have deleted your headset pairing connection in your mobile phone . follow the pairing instructions . Jabra EXTrEME 9 english
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 11
    ... you powered your new EXTrEME on . Will the Jabra EXTREME work with other Bluetooth® equipment... from the primary device e .g . voice dial using Jabra EXTrEME with 2 mobile phones . The music player... through the regular steps in pairing the headset to a Bluetooth® device . Jabra EXTrEME 10 english...
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 12
    ...-4199 (Canada) takInG Care of your headset - always store the Jabra EXTrEME with the power off and safely ... may also degrade performance . - do not expose the Jabra EXTrEME to rain or other liquids . Glossary 1. ... will not work if the devices have not been paired . Jabra EXTrEME 11 english www ....
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 13
    ... product according to local standards and regulations . www .jabra .com/weee Jabra EXTrEME 12 english 4. Passkey or PIN is a code that you enter on your mobile phone to... and automatically work together . 5. Standby mode is when the Jabra EXTrEME is passively waiting for a call . When you '...
  • Jabra EXTREME | User manual - Page 14
    .... The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such .... The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such ... and specifications subject to change without notice). MadE In ChIna TyPE: bT530 www.jabra.com 81-03052 B

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Jabra EXTREME Manual