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Samsung SGH-T404G Manual

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Browser Settings You can access the following Browser Settings in this menu: Clear Cache, Empty Cookies, Cookie Options, Preferences, Certificates and About Browser. Follow the screen prompts. In Idle mode, press Menu ➔ Settings ➔ Browser Settings. Reset Settings Reset Settings The Reset Phone option resets your settings to factory defaults. You can choose from a list of settings to reset: All, Phone, Display, Sound, Bluetooth and Call Settings. 1. In Idle mode, press Menu ➔ Settings ➔ Reset Settings ➔ Reset Settings. The list of settings to reset displays. Highlight your selection and press "Reset settings?" displays. to check. 2. 3. When you have made your selection, press Reset. The confirmation message Press Yes to reset or No to discontinue. You are prompted: "Enter password." 4. Master Reset The Master Reset option resets all settings to factory defaults and all user data is deleted. You can choose from the following options: • Clear User Data: clears user data and deletes all information saved to the phone including pictures, messages and phonebook entries. • Restore Settings: Changes your device settings to factory conditions. • Restore And Clear: Restores your device to factory conditions. You will lose setting changes and information saved to the device. 1. In Idle mode, press Menu ➔ Settings ➔ Reset Settings ➔ Master Reset. Changing Your Settings 71

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Samsung SGH-T404G Manual