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Sanyo DP46840 - 46" Diagonal LCD FULL HDTV 1080p Manual

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ON-SCREEN MENU OPERATION SETUP _____ Clock timer This feature allows you to set a Current Time for your HDTV and enable a Switch On Time for the HDTV to turn on at a specific time of day. When On Timer Function is set to ON, the TV will automatically turn on at the previously set Switch on Time. CLOCK TIMER SCREEN Light sensor This feature detects ambient room light brightness and uses that reading to control the panel brightness level and picture parameters to reduce the HDTV's power consumption. NOTE: When room lighting is dark, the panel brightness and/or the picture setting parameters such as brightness and cotrast are lowered. When room lighting is bright, parameters are affected opposite. LIGHT SENSOR SCREEN HDMI Linking NOTE: Designed for use with a Sanyo Xacti Digital VIdeo/Movie Camera, and may not support all HDMICEC functions of other equipment. Use the HDMI-CEC Function to enable or disable all available CEC functions. HDMI Power ON Sync and Power OFF Sync enable specific features including the automatic power ON process and power OFF process. Xacti-LINK With a Sanyo Xacti Digital Video/Movie Camera hooked up to your HDTV's HDMI input, setting the HDMI-CEC Function to ON enables you the use of keys on your GXEA remote to operate your Xacti camera. NOTE: The HDMI-CEC function of the Xacti must also be turned ON to enable the Xacti-Link. HDMI LINKING SCREEN 12 Need help? 1-800-877-5032

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Sanyo DP46840 - 46" Diagonal LCD FULL HDTV 1080p Manual