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Lexmark F4270 Setup Sheet

Lexmark F4270 Manual

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  • Lexmark F4270 | Setup Sheet - Page 1
    ...repairs, other than those described in the user documentation, to a professional service person. 1 CAUTION: Do ...such as an answering machine, refer to your User’s Guide. Branchez l’unité d’alimentation...Šléphonique, reportez-vous au Guide de l’utilisateur. Conecte la fuente de alimentacin..
  • Lexmark F4270 | Setup Sheet - Page 2
    ... entry. To enter text, press the corresponding keypad number until the desired character appears. Entrez la ... papel. 11 Open the control panel and the cartridge access door. Ouvrez le panneau de... aos cartuchos. 21C0073 P/N 21C0073 E.C. 3T0002 © 2004 Lexmark International, Inc. All rights reserved....
  • Lexmark F4270 | Setup Sheet - Page 3
    12 Remove the sticker and tape from the print cartridges. Retirez l'autocollant et la bande protectrice... fita dos cartuchos de impressão. 13 Insert the cartridges. Insérez les cartouches. Inserte los...and then press to scroll through the color cartridge numbers. Press Select to verify the color ...
  • Lexmark F4270 | Setup Sheet - Page 4
    ...run: 1 Click Start Run. 2 Click Browse. 3 Select the Lexmark CD located in your CD-ROM drive, and ...Ejecutar. 2 Haga clic en Examinar. 3 Seleccione el CD de Lexmark que se encuentra en la unidad de CD-ROM y, .... 2 Clique em Procurar. 3 Selecione o CD da Lexmark, localizado na unidade de CD-ROM, e clique...

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Lexmark F4270 Manual