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Brother International MFC-J430w Manual

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Troubleshooting The Brother machine cannot print or scan over the network. The Brother machine is not found on the network even after successful installation. (continued) Question Are you connecting the Brother machine to the network using wireless capabilities? Interface Solution wireless  Print the WLAN Report to confirm the state of a wireless connection. (For how to print, see Printing the WLAN Report uu page 40.) If the printed WLAN report shows the connection failed, check the error code on the printed report. uuQuick Setup Guide: Troubleshooting  See The Brother machine is not found on the network during the MFL-Pro Suite installation. uu page 68. I have checked and tried all of above, however the Brother machine does not print/scan. Is there anything else I can do? wired/ wireless Uninstall the MFL-Pro Suite and reinstall it. I'm using security software. Question Did you choose to accept the security alert dialog during the MFL-Pro Suite or BRAdmin Light installation or when using the printing/scanning features? I want to know the necessary port number for the security software settings. Interface Solution wired/ wireless If you did not choose to accept the security alert dialog, the firewall function of your security software may be rejecting access. Some security software might block access without showing a security alert dialog. To allow access, see the instructions of your security software or ask the manufacturer. 8 wired/ wireless The following port numbers are used for Brother network features:  Network scanning i Port number 54925 / Protocol UDP  PC-FAX RX i Port number 54926 / Protocol UDP  Network scanning/printing, PC-FAX RX, Remote Setup i Port number 137 and 161 / Protocol UDP  BRAdmin Light i Port number 161 / Protocol UDP For details on how to open the port, see the instructions of the security software or ask the manufacturer. I want to check my network devices are working properly. Question Is your Brother machine, access point/router or network hub turned on? Where can I find the Brother machine's network settings, such as IP address? Interface Solution wired/ wireless wired/ wireless Make sure you have confirmed all instructions in Make sure that the following items are configured before reading this chapter. uu page 67. Printing the Network Configuration Report. See Printing the Network Configuration Report uu page 39. 71

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Brother International MFC-J430w Manual