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LG 55LW5600 Manual

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88 CUSTOMIZING SETTINGS Setting Sound Optimizer Option Normal Stand type TV Speaker ARC Mode (Audio Return Channel) Normal sound mode. Description Optimizes the sound depending on the environment in which the TV is installed. Wall Mount Type Optimized sound mode for a wall-mounted TV. Optimized sound mode for a stand-type TV. Turns on the internal speaker of the TV when using an external Hi-Fi system. You can use the TV speaker as an audio output device even if there is no video input. When using an external audio device with the ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature, SPDIF can be output using only a High Speed HDMI cable without an additional optical cable. NOTE Some HDMI cables may not support this mode (A High Speed HDMI cable is recommended). yy The yy ARC mode only works on the HDMI 1 input on the TV. Activates the SIMPLINK feature to use this feature. yy Option On Off If the device with the ARC feature is turned on, the device speaker is automatically used when SIMPLINK is enabled. Even if the device with the ARC feature is turned on and SIMPLINK is enabled, the device speaker is not automatically used. AV Sync. If the video and sound are not synced, you can adjust it manually. »y setting : Make audio output faster than the default. (-) »y setting : Make audio output slower than the default. (+) Option AV Sync. TV Speaker SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital InterFace) Adjusts the sync of the TV speaker and SPDIF. Adjusts the sync of the sound from the TV's internal speaker. Adjusts the sync of the sound from an external speaker connected to the digital audio output port. ENGLISH ENG

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LG 55LW5600 Manual