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ProForm 650 Cardio Cross Trainer Elliptical Manual

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MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING Inspect and tighten all parts of the elliptical crosstrainer regularly. Replace any worn parts immediately. To clean the elliptical crosstrainer, use a damp cloth and a small amount of mild dish soap. Important: Keep liquids away from the console and keep the console out of direct sunlight. During storage, remove the batteries from the console. BATTERY REPLACEMENT If the console display becomes dim, the batteries should be replaced. See assembly steps 3 and 4 on page 6 for replacement instructions. HOW TO ADJUST THE REED SWITCH If the console does not display correct feedback, the reed switch should be adjusted. To do this, you must remove the Pedal Springs (11), the right Pedal Disc (15), and the Side Shields (3, 4). See step 8 on page 8 and remove the Pedal Springs. 15 52 Next, see the drawing below and locate the Reed Switch (53). Loosen, but do not remove, the indicated M4 x 16mm Self-tapping Screw (52). Slide the Reed Switch slightly toward or away from the Magnet (58) on the flywheel. Retighten the Screw. Turn the left Pedal Disc (15) for a moment. Repeat until the console displays correct feedback. When the Reed Switch is correctly adjusted, reattach the Side Shields (3, 4), the right Pedal Disc (15), and the Pedal Springs (11). 58 53 HOW TO ADJUST THE DRIVE BELT If you can feel the pedals slip while you are pedaling, even when the resistance is adjusted to the highest level, the Drive Belt (19) may need to be adjusted. To adjust the Drive Belt, you must first remove both side shields. See HOW TO ADJUST THE REED SWITCH at the left and remove the side shields. Next, loosen the M8 x 22mm Flat Head Screw (68) and turn the M10 x 60mm Bolt 68 (62) until the Drive Belt (19) is tight. When 62 the Drive Belt 19 is tight, tighten the Flat Head Screw. Reattach the side shields. 3 4 15 64 11 51 52 41 11 51 41 64 52 51 64 Next, remove the four Screws (51) from the right Pedal Disc (15), and slide the Pedal Disc off. Remove all Screws (52, 64) from the Right Side Shield (4) and the two Bolts (41) from beneath the Pedal Disc, and remove the Right Side Shield (4). Remove all Screws (52) from the Left Side Shield (3), and remove the Left Side Shield. 12

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ProForm 650 Cardio Cross Trainer Elliptical Manual