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Toshiba Satellite P875-S7200 Manual

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132 Utilities TOSHIBA Hardware Setup TOSHIBA Hardware Setup TOSHIBA Hardware Setup is the TOSHIBA configuration management tool available through the Windows® operating system. To access it: ❖ Click the Start button and, in the Search field, type HWSetup. In the list that appears above, click on your selection. Or click the TOSHIBA Hardware Settings icon in the Optimize tab of TOSHIBA Assist. The TOSHIBA HWSetup screen appears. (Sample Image) TOSHIBA HWSetup screen - General tab options The TOSHIBA HWSetup screen may have the following tabs: ❖ Boot Setting-Allows you to change the sequence in which your computer searches the drives for the operating system ❖ ❖ Boot Speed-Reduces the time needed for the BIOS to initialize, using either the Fast or Normal settings. Panel open/Power on-Allows you to turn on the computer when opening the display panel while the computer is turned off. Since the system is a quick-booting system, you must press the keys immediately after pressing the power button. NOTE

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Toshiba Satellite P875-S7200 Manual