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Pairing is the connecting of ANT + wireless sensors, for example, connecting a heart rate monitor with your Garmin device. 1 Bring the device within range (3 m) of the sensor. NOTE: Stay 10 m away from other ANT + sensors while pairing. 2 From the home screen, select the status bar at the top of the page. 3 Select a sensor. 4 Enable the sensor, and select Search. When the sensor is paired with your device, the sensor status is Connected. You can customize a data field to display sensor data. 3 Plug the large end of the USB cable into a computer USB port. 4 Go to start. 5 Follow the on-screen instructions. Garmin Connect Garmin Connect gives you a simple way to store and track your activities, analyze your data, and share with others. To sign up for a free account, go to Store your activities: After you complete and save an activity with your device, you can upload that activity to Garmin Connect and keep it as long as you want. Analyze your data: You can view more detailed information about your activity, including an overhead map view, pace and speed charts, and customizable reports. Using the Weight Scale If you have an ANT + compatible weight scale, the device can read the data from the weight scale. 1 From the home screen, select > Weight Scale. A message appears when the weight scale is found. 2 Stand on the scale when indicated. NOTE: If using a body composition scale, remove shoes and socks to ensure that all body composition parameters are read and recorded. 3 Step off the scale when indicated. TIP: If an error occurs, step off the scale. Step on when indicated. History History includes time, distance, calories, speed, lap data, elevation, and optional ANT + sensor information. NOTE: History is not recorded while the timer is stopped or paused. When the device memory is full, a message appears. The device does not automatically delete or overwrite your history. Upload your history to Garmin Connect periodically to keep track of all your ride data. Share your activities: You can email your activities to others, or post links to your activities on your favorite social networking sites. Connected Features The Edge has several connected features for your compatible Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone. For more information about how to use your Edge, go to intosports / apps. NOTE: Your Edge must be connected to your Bluetoothenabled smartphone to take advantage of these features. LiveTrack: Allows friends and family to follow your races and training activities in real time. You can invite followers using email or social media, allowing them to view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page. Activity upload toGarmin Connect: Automatically sends your activity to Garmin Connect as soon as you finish recording the activity. Course and workout downloads fromGarmin Connect: Allows you to search for activities on Garmin Connect using your smartphone and send them to your device so that you can repeat them as a course or workout. Social media interactions: Allows you to automatically post an update to your favorite social media website when you upload an activity to Garmin Connect. Weather updates: Sends real-time weather conditions and alerts to your device. Pairing an Edge with Your Smartphone You can pair the Edge with an Apple® or Android™ smartphone with the Garmin Connect Mobile application installed to use connected features. 1 Place the smartphone and the Edge within 33 ft. (10 m) of each other. 2 On the Edge, select > Bluetooth > Enable > Pair Smartphone. 3 On the smartphone, enable Bluetooth. A list of nearby Bluetooth devices appears. 4 Select the Edge from the list. Viewing Your Ride 1 From the home screen, select 2 Select Last Ride or All Rides. 3 Select an option. Viewing Data Totals You can view the accumulated data you have saved to the Edge, including the number of rides, time, distance, and calories. From the home screen, select > Totals. > Rides. Sending Your Ride to Garmin Connect NOTICE To prevent corrosion, thoroughly dry the mini-USB port, the weather cap, and the surrounding area before charging or connecting to a computer. 1 Pull up the weather cap À from the mini-USB port Á. 2 Plug the small end of the USB cable into the mini-USB port. History 7

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