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Casio PCR T2000 - Deluxe 96 Department Cash Register Manual

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Troubleshooting This section describes what to do when you have problems with operation. Errors are indicated by an error tone. When this happens, you can usually find out what the problem is as shown below. Does the display show an error code? No 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Press C key and check the appropriate section of this manual for the operation you want to perform. Yes 8 Error code Meaning Action (Message) E01 Mode switch position changed before Return the mode switch to its original (ERR-MODE) finalization. setting and finalize the operation. E08 Registration without entering a clerk Enter a clerk number. (SIGN-ON) number. E10 (PRNT-LID) Platen arm of the printer is opened. E11 Registration is made while the cash (DRW-OPEN) drawer is opened. E12 (JPAP-END) Journal paper end E14 (RPAP-END) Receipt paper end E27 (BUF-FULL) Transaction cancel buffer full. Close the platen arm. Close the cash drawer. Replace the new paper roll. Replace the new paper roll. Finalize the transaction. E31 Finalization of a transaction attempted Press the s key. (PRESS-ST) without confirming the subtotal. E33 Finalize operation attempted without Enter the amount tendered. (TEND-AMT) entering amount tender. E35 (CNG-OVER) Change amount exceeds preset limit. Input amount tendered again. Read/reset operation without declaring E38 (DECL-AMT) cash in drawer. This error appears only Perform money declaration. when this function is activated. 81 Convenient Operations & Setups/ Troubleshooting E When an error occurs

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Casio PCR T2000 - Deluxe 96 Department Cash Register Manual