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    ... digital mixer of equivalent quality with the Yamaha 02R mixing console (the defacto standard for digital recording), the AW2816 includes an automix function ... mixer section, two digital multi-effect units with a rich array of functions, a completely uncompressed 16-track recorder that supports not ...
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    ..., and selecting an effect.20 Adding ambience to tracks as needed...20 Channels 1/2: Kick and snare... record the rhythm ...3 Connect the mics to the AW2816 ...3 Recording sound from the mics onto the hard disk...4 Play back ... and snare ...10 Adding the drum overhead tracks ...10 Adding the hi-hat ...10 ...
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    Recording on the AW2816 Amazingly for its size, the AW2816 conceals potential that rivals the mixing consoles found in large recording studios. ...a single pass, you can also use multi-track recording to take full advantage of the AW2816's 16 x 8 = 128 tracks. This tutorial will guide you through the...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 5
    Recording on the AW2816 s Recording sound from the mics onto the hard disk When you have finished adjusting the input level, ...] key. On the left side are the sounds being input to the AW2816, and on the right side are tracks 1-16 (a total of sixteen tracks) on which you can record. Try pressing [...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 6
    ... recording once again. If the sound was recorded on the hard disk in a distorted condition, it will be impossible to fix it later. ... nearly all rhythm machines these days support MTC or MIDI Clock, so let's...if you record separate sounds from your rhythm machine on separate tracks of the AW2816, so ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 7
    ... need to sing while listening to the previouslyrecorded tracks. Nobody is going to make the mistake of having ...have a pre-recorded "scratch vocal" that the vocalist can sing along with as a guide. The AW2816 has... OK. Next, play back the previously-recorded tracks, boost the volume of the drums and...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 8
    .... s To apply effects only to the sound being monitored When recording a vocal, the vocalist often finds it easier ... is the final output of the AW2816), but is not being recorded on track 1. Actually record the input, and ... (EQ) or spatial-type effects during recording may limit your freedom during ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 9
    ...mixdown procedure using the demo song included with the AW2816. Thus, we will begin by explaining how to load ...drive, refer to the AW2816's "Owner's Manual." Restoring to the hard disk 1 2 3 4 5 6 Press the [FILE] key. Press ...] key and press the [F1] key (CD LOAD) to close the tray and load...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 10
    ... Let's begin Now that the song has been restored to the hard disk, let's listen to the "unmixed" song. Before ... to set AUTOMIX to DISABLE (off). Step 1. Listen to the recorded tracks and make your plans The ... Percussion 11 Organ 15 8 Acoustic guitar 12 Electric guitar 16 16 Vocal Tutorial 9
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 11
    .... (For details refer to the AW2816 "Owner's Manual.") s Adding the drum overhead tracks Use the following ... track faders are all at nominal level, you can use fader 5 to lower the hi... the STEREO channel on. The kick and snare are recorded on tracks 1 and 2 respectively. s Adding the percussion...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 12
    ...sound does not stand out in comparison with the other tracks. s Adding the electric guitar Turn channel 11 ...a point where they will not interfere with the lead vocal on track 16. s Listening to the rough mix Although you ..."OK" and press the [ENTER] key. The song has now been saved. Tutorial 11
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 13
    ...pay a bit more attention to the details of each track. • Preset scene You can recall ...dry sound" of a track. At this stage, listening to the dry sound would not be very helpful. 3 4 Make... 2.) Press the MIXER section [EQ] key. (This displays the details of the EQ parameter adjustments.) Tutorial...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 14
    ...dB s Channels 3/4: Drum overhead mics These tracks contain the cymbals and toms. By adding ...light touch to the snare sound that is also recorded on these tracks. 1 2 3 Press the channel 3 [SEL] key...). Move the cursor to "ON/OFF" and turn dynamics "ON" for the selected channel. Tutorial 13...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 15
    ... Release Knee -24 dB 2:1 6.5 dB 12ms 70 ms hard 1 2 3 4 Press the channel 5 [SEL] key to select the hi-hat ... dB H-MID 0.70 4.00 kHz 0.0 dB HIGH H.SHLF 16.0 kHz -3.5 dB s Channel 6: Acoustic bass We will lower the... 111 Hz 2.5 dB H-MID 2.5 2.82 kHz 5.5 dB HIGH H.SHLF 4.00 kHz 0.0 dB 14 Tutorial
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 16
    ..."EXP." Move the cursor to "ON/ OFF" and turn dynamics "ON" for the selected track. s Channel 7: Percussion For the percussion channel, we will cut the 125 Hz region by -8.0 ... Compander soft Threshold Ratio Out Gain Attack Release Width -13 dB 3:1 0.0 dB 14 ms 87 ms 1 dB Tutorial 15
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 17
    ...dB) LOW Q F G L-MID 0.5 500 Hz 3.0 dB H-MID HIGH - - - Type Compander Soft Threshold Ratio Out Gain Attack Release Width -14 dB 4:1 0.0 dB 0 ms 145 ms 15 dB 16 Tutorial
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 18
    ... the EQ to enhance the high range, emphasizing the tonal hardness characteristic of synthesizers. To make the phrasing crisper, we ... a hard compander. Type Compander Hard Threshold Ratio Out Gain Attack Release Width -17... 0.45 1.26 kHz 2.0 dB H-MID 0.40 5.99 kHz 5.5 dB HIGH - - - Tutorial 17
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 19
    ... 13/14/15: Chorus The chorus in channels 13 and 14 are the high (stereo) + low (monaural) tracks. High is panned to L and R, and low is panned slightly left. Make appropriate level and panning ... Q F G L.SHELF 105 Hz -7.0 dB L-MID 0.70 2.52 kHz 3.5 dB H-MID HIGH H.SHELF 10.0 kHz 0.0 18 Tutorial
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 20
    • Dynamics settings for chorus 1 and 2 (Compander Hard) Threshold Ratio Out Gain Attack Release Width ..., you will find it necessary to adjust it as well. s Channel 16: Lead vocal The lead vocalist on this channel has a... button and press the [ENTER] key. The song has now been saved. Tutorial 19
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 21
    ...wet" sound (i.e., with an effect) while they record. There is no hard and fast rule ..., applying even a small amount to each track will result in a significant amount when the entire ... will act as the AUX send controls for the corresponding track. On the AW2816, AUX5 is assigned to internal effect ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 22
    ... snare). In order to do this, it is obviously necessary to record the snare on its own track. On the other hand, it is just ... on it. If you have been working hard for several hours and the power cable is..., or someone operates a key or fader, your hard work will be for nothing. To save the song, press ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 23
    ... had to make this type of adjustment manually while the actual master recording was being made. If the changes ...repeated over and over until it was perfect. On the AW2816, the faders, channel on/off, pan, and ... automation, you can refer to the Operation Guide. Here we will provide a brief explanation ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 24
    ... guitar "1:35-": During the acoustic guitar solo phrase, automix controls the effect send level to adjust the crispness and resonance of the sound. 6) Handclaps In the climactic section from 2:40, the sense of "liveness" is emphasized by slightly raising the handclap fader. Tutorial 23
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 25
    ... engineers sometimes add a tiny amount of reverb to the overall sound to create more depth, or pass the digitally-recorded sound through an analog device to give... For normal recording it is not possible to redo the mixdown once you are in the mastering process, but on the AW2816 you can...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 26
    ... and noticing how the sound is affected. Recording the song to the stereo track On the AW2816, you must first record the mixed song onto the stereo track, and then ... disc This procedure is explained in detail in the AW2816's "Owner's Manual," so please refer to the appropriate pages....
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 27
    ... now have a basic understanding of the process. The AW2816 supports many other recording methods and mixdown functions that we were not able to ... are not mentioned in the AW2816's "Owner's Manual." As you spend time with the AW2816, it is sure to become a favorite partner in ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 28
    ... to analog. All processing within the AW2816 is performed in digital form, but when an analog audio... provides a total of 28 channels, including the recorder playback and the outputs of the two effects... more consistent. s D/A converter A circuit that converts a digital audio signal into an analog audio...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 29
    ... the analog input signal to a level that is suitable for digital conversion. (Also called mic preamp.) ... (*see entry) of 192 dB. s Jitter When digital audio signals are transferred, the word clock ... A technique that can be used on multi-track recorders such as the AW2816, in which (for example) drums ...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 30
    ... signal that is recorded or played back by a recorder. The AW2816 has 16 tracks x 8 virtual tracks (*see entry), for a total of... out accidentally. s YGDAI Stands for Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface. Digital mixers or digital recorders that have a YGDAI slot allow you to install separately-sold...
  • Yamaha AW2816 | Tutorial - Page 31
    YAMAHA CORPORATION V766850 R1 1 IP 32 01 08 3500 AP Printed in Japan Pro Audio & Digital Musical Instrument Division P.O. Box 3, Hamamatsu, 430-8651, Japan

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