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Nikon D3200 Manual

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Error Messages This section lists the indicators and error messages that appear in the viewfinder and monitor. Warning Icons A flashing d in the monitor or s in the viewfinder indicates that a warning or error message can be displayed in the monitor by pressing the W (Q) button. Indicator Monitor Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture (largest f/-number). Lens not attached Shutter release disabled. Recharge battery. This battery cannot be used. Choose battery designated for use in this camera. Initialization error. Turn camera off and then on again. Battery level is low. Complete operation and turn camera off immediately. Clock not set No SD card inserted Memory card is locked. Slide lock to "write" position. A Viewfinder B (flashes) F/s (flashes) d/s (flashes) d (flashes) d/k (flashes) - - S/s (flashes) ( (flashes) Solution Set lens aperture ring to minimum aperture (highest f-number). 0 15, 168 • Attach non-IX NIKKOR lens. 167 • If non-CPU lens is attached, select mode M. 57 Turn camera off and recharge or replace 12, 13 battery. Use Nikon-approved battery. Turn camera off, remove and replace battery, and then turn camera on again. End cleaning and turn camera off and recharge or replace battery. Set camera clock. 176 2, 13 183 16, 137 This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged. Insert another card. (/k (flashes) Turn camera off and confirm that card is 18 correctly inserted. Memory card is locked (write protected). Slide 18 card write-protect switch to "write" position. • Use approved card. 177 • Format card. If problem persists, card may 19 be damaged. Contact Nikon-authorized service representative. • Error creating new folder. Delete files or 106 insert new memory card. • Insert new memory card. 18 • Eye-Fi card is still emitting wireless signal 148 after Disable has been selected for Eye-Fi upload. To terminate wireless transmission, turn the camera off and remove the card. n 193

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Nikon D3200 Manual