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ENGLISH Manual Setup Setting items Setting details Getting Started Channel Level Test Tone : Output test tone. Set the volume of the test • Front L / Front Height L / Center / Front Height R / Front R / Surround R / tone to be the same when it Surround Back Rz / Surround Back Lz / Surround L / Subwoofer : is output from each speaker. Select the speaker. z When the "Speaker Configuration" - "Surround Back" setting (vpage 54) is set to "1spkr", "Surround Back" is displayed. • -12dB - +12dB (0dB) : Adjust the volume. When o is pressed while the subwoofer volume is set to "-12 dB", the "Subwoofer" setting switches to "OFF". HDMI Setup Default settings are underlined. Make settings for HDMI video/audio output. Setting items HDMI Audio Out Select HDMI audio output device. This can be set when the input source on the unit is "BD/SD", "HDMI1", "HDMI2" or "HDMI3". Setting details Amp : Plays back using the speakers. TV : Plays back on the TV. When the HDMI control function is activated, priority is given to the TV audio setting (vpage 39 "HDMI Control Function"). Simple Version Connections NOTE • Speakers set to "None" in the "Speaker Configuration" (vpage 53, 54) settings are not displayed. • When using surround speakers, be sure to adjust the volume of the different speakers. • When a headphones jack is inserted in the PHONES terminal of this unit, the "Channel Level" is not displayed. Default : Reset all channel level settings to factory default. • Yes • No Crossover Frequency Set the maximum frequency of the bass signal output from each channel to the subwoofer. Set the Crossover Frequency to suit the bass reproduction capability of the speaker being used. 40Hz / 60Hz / 80Hz / 90Hz / 100Hz / 110Hz / 120Hz / 150Hz / 200Hz / 250Hz : Set the crossover frequency. Advanced : Specify crossover frequency for each speaker. • Front / Center / Surround / Surround Back / Front Height : Select the speaker. • 40Hz / 60Hz / 80Hz / 90Hz / 100Hz / 110Hz / 120Hz / 150Hz / 200Hz / 250Hz : Set the crossover frequency. • Crossover frequency can be set when the "Speaker Configuration" - "Subwoofer" (vpage 53) setting is "Yes", or when you have a speaker that is set to "Small". • Always set the crossover frequency to "80Hz". When using small speakers, however, we recommend setting the crossover frequency to a higher frequency. • The speakers that can be set when "Advanced" is selected differ according to the "Subwoofer Mode" setting (vpage 54). • When "LFE" is selected, speakers set to "Small" at "Speaker Configuration" can be set. If the speakers are set to "Large", "Full Band" is displayed and the setting cannot be made. • If set to "LFE+Main", this setting can be made regardless of the speaker size. Playback (Basic) Control HDMI Control You can link operations with • ON : Use HDMI control function. devices connected to HDMI • OFF : Do not use HDMI control function. and compatible with HDMI When a device that is not compatible with the HDMI control function Control. is connected, set "Control" to "OFF". • Please consult the operating instructions for each connected component to check the settings. • Refer to "HDMI Control Function" (vpage 39) for more information about the HDMI control function. Settings NOTE • When "Control" is set to "ON", it consumes more standby power. If you are not using this unit for an extended period, it is recommended that you unplug the power cord from the power outlet. • "HDMI Control" does not work when the power to the equipment is off. Either turn power on or set to standby. Playback (Advanced) Multizone Standby Source : Sets the HDMI input source to put into standby when the power is on. • Last : This item is set at the last-used input source. NOTE • HDMI1 / HDMI2 / HDMI3 : Put the respective input source into • The HDMI control function standby. controls operations of a "Standby Source" can be set when "Control" is set to "ON". TV that is compatible with the HDMI control function. Power Off Control : Links the power standby of this unit to external Make sure that the TV and equipment. HDMI are connected when • ON you perform HDMI control. • OFF • If the "Control" settings have been changed, "Power Off Control" can be set when "Control" is set to "ON". always reset the power to connected devices after the change. GUI Remote Control Part Names Other Information Troubleshooting Spec. Index Remote control operation buttons Display the menu Cancel the menu Move the cursor (Up/Down/Left/Right) Confirm the setting Return to previous menu 

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Denon S-5BD Manual