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Monitoring and Configuring the Printer 2 ❖ Protocol configuration msh> snmp {ipv4|ipv6|ipx} {on|off} • Use the following command to set protocols "active" or "inactive": If you set a protocol "inactive", all access settings for that protocol are disabled. • Specify "ipv4" for IPv4, "ipv6" for IPv6, or "ipx" for IPX/SPX. • {on} means "active" and {off} means "inactive". • Only IPv4 supports the IEEE 1394 interface. • All protocols cannot be turned off concurrently. ❖ Configuration of protocol for each registration number msh> snmp "number" active {ipv4|ipv6|ipx} {on|off} • To change the protocol of access settings, use the following command. However, if you have disabled a protocol with the above command, activating it here has no effect. ❖ Access configuration msh> snmp "number" {ipv4| ipv6|ipx} "address" • You can configure a host address according to the protocol used. • The network interface board accepts requests only from hosts that have IPv4, IPv6, and IPX addresses with access types of "read-only" or "read-write". Enter "0" to have network interface board accept requests from any host without requiring a specific type of access. • Enter a host address to deliver "trap" access type information to. 76 • To specify IPv4 or IPv6, enter "ipv4" or "ipv6" followed by a space, and then the IPv4 or IPv6 address. • To specify IPX/SPX, enter "ipx" followed by a space, the IPX address followed by a decimal, and then the MAC address of the network interface board. ❖ sysLocation configuration msh> snmp location ❖ Deleting sysLocation msh> snmp clear location ❖ sysContact setting msh> snmp contact ❖ Deleting sysContact msh> snmp clear contact ❖ SNMP v1v2 function configuration msh> snmp v1v2 {on|off} • Specify "on" to enable, and "off" to disable. ❖ SNMP v3 function configuration msh> snmp v3 {on|off} • Specify "on" to enable, and "off" to disable. ❖ SNMP TRAP configuration msh> snmp trap {v1|v2|v3} {on|off} • Specify "on" to enable, and "off" to disable. ❖ Remote Configuration Authorization configuration msh> snmp remote {on|off} • Specify "on" to enable, and "off" to disable the SNMP v1v2 setting.

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Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 Manual