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Brother International HE-800A Manual

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2. SPECIFICATIONS 2 . SPECIFICATIONS . Specifications 2 -1  Main use Buttonholes for clothing such as dress shirts, blouses, work clothes and women's clothes A Buttonhole size -2 Buttonholes for knitted garments such as knitted underwear, sweaters, cardigans and jerseys -3 B C D A: Max.6 mm B: Max. zigzag stitch length 39 mm C: Length of knife 4 - 32 mm D: Max. buttonhole length 40 mm 2193Q Max. sewing speed Zigzag mechanism Feed mechanism Work clamp lifter mechanism Height of work clamp Knife mechanism Lower thread holding device Bobbin presser Standard sewing pattern Memory pattern Max. number of stitch Needle Data storage method Power supply 4,000 rpm Pulse motor driven mechanism Pulse motor driven mechanism Pulse motor driven mechanism 13 mm max. (adjustable) Double position solenoid Standard equipment Standard equipment 21 90 700 stitches / program (Overall cycle program stitch no. 3,000 stitches) -2 -3 Schmetz 134 Nm90 Schmetz 134 Nm75 P-ROM (Custom made pattern can be added by the programming software for electronic pattern sewer) Single phase 110 V, 220 V, 230 V Three phase 220 V, 380 V, 400 V 600 VA HE-800A 2

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Brother International HE-800A Manual