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Samsung SCH-U660 Manual

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Driving Mode When Driving Mode is enabled, your phone uses sounds to alert you to notifications, regardless of other phone or call settings. For example, when you receive a call or message, your phone reads out the caller's (or sender's) name and number, and Call Alert sounds will play, even if you have set Master Volume to Sounds Off or Vibrate Only. Enabling Driving Mode with Voice Commands 1. Enabling Driving Mode in Settings 1. From the Home screen, select Choose a setting: MENU ➔ Settings & Tools ➔ Sounds Settings ➔ Driving Mode. 2. • Caller ID Only: Reads Caller ID for incoming calls and messages. • ID & Message: Reads Caller ID and the message content for incoming messages. • Off: Disable Driving Mode. From the Home screen, press the Flashlight Key. Voice Commands/ 2. At the audio prompt, say "Driving Mode On". Enabling Driving Mode with the Speakerphone Key With the phone closed, press and hold the Speakerphone Key. Call Functions 25

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Samsung SCH-U660 Manual